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What to Expect on Your Discovery Call with Julian Leaver Events


The time after your partner (finally!) pops the question is chock-full of excitement. You’re full of ideas and ready to start planning! Or maybe you have no idea what you want your wedding to look like but are just excited to marry the person of your dreams. Either way, now is the perfect time to book a discovery call with a wedding planner! 

Your wedding planner is by your side from the beginning of your planning journey, guiding you through every step. From choosing a venue to ensuring you can relax and enjoy your special day. At Julian Leaver Events, we especially value this time with our clients as it allows us to get to know them and plan a bespoke event inspired by their story. Whether you’ve booked your discovery call with us or are preparing to send an inquiry, this guide will inform you what to expect.

What to Expect on Your Discovery Call

We begin every discovery call by getting to know you, your vision, and what you’re most excited about for your wedding. Understanding your story is crucial for creating a truly unique and personalized wedding experience—what Julian Leaver Events is all about! 

Then, we go over the details, including your estimated guest count and if you have any venues or dates in mind. However, there’s no need to worry if you’re still unsure what your dream venue looks like. We’ll help you clarify and zero in on your vision in time; this call is about getting to know each other.

It’s also the perfect time to ask any questions you may have for us. We know there are lots of decisions when it comes to planning your wedding! And we’re open to answering all of them—no question is too “silly” or small. At the core of our philosophy is the Platinum Rule of treating others as WE would like them to treat us. So, you can expect nothing but compassion and professionalism as we embark on this journey together.

Do you provide a budget before booking?

We can’t provide one just yet! We want your budget to accurately reflect what we discussed on your discovery call and the venues you’re interested in booking. At that point, we can give you an accurate estimate. 

Do I need to come into the call with a design already laid out or vendors already booked?

Not at all! That is what a wedding planner is for. 

At this stage, we want to know more about the guest experience and overall ambiance you envision. We’re not as interested in what the event will look like because we’ll custom-design your event from scratch later in the process. Knowing how you’d like your event to feel is much more helpful.

For example, do you want it to feel like an exclusive nightclub? An upscale restaurant? The dinner parties your mom would host as a kid? Dream about it, and don’t be afraid to get creative. The discovery call is the dreaming phase, and it’s okay not to know everything yet. 

The Importance of a Discovery Call

We believe in the importance of having a discovery call with every client. Why? Because we’ll return to what you say on the call again and again throughout the planning process. Those initial feelings you have when you’re most excited about wedding planning are the best guidepost! We often refer to clients’ words as a touchstone to remind them of their desires for their wedding day whenever others’ opinions or decision fatigue creep in. We remind you what you felt and help you assess how each decision fits your vision.

No two discovery calls are identical, just like no two of our weddings are identical. While there are some conversational points we always like to hit, there truly isn’t a formula. We’re there to have a conversation with you! It’s all about getting to know you and your story so we can plan a wedding inspired by what makes you unique.

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