With us on your team, you'll get the resources and perspective of two highly experienced lead planners. Because we carefully plan, design and execute each wedding

We're Julian Leaver and Sarah Kane. We have each held roles in catering, design, floral, and operations for nationally acclaimed companies like Todd Events, Food Glorious Food, Rosewood Mansion, and Hotel Crescent Court. And we've each planned and designed unforgettable events in Dallas and sought-after destinations like Cabo, Capri, and Aspen, to name a few.

In 2020, we joined forces —making us the most experienced, multi-faceted, and powerhouse team of two in Texas.

Renowned for breathtaking designs, immersive events, and unforgettable experiences.

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Perhaps you're getting married in Dallas or Aspen. Or a remote location like Lake Como or San Miguel. Whatever your destination, we are the experts to make it happen.

We've planned and produced hundreds of weddings in hundreds of different places, so we not only have the perspective to envision the outcome of your event, we have the knowledge, resources, and connections to face any challenge head-on. And make your event a success—anywhere.

A Challenge-Seeking Duo with Wanderlust & Perspective

- Claudia, Bride

“Julian met with me to gather enough information to get started, never overwhelmed me with the details, and selected the perfect vendors from beginning to end. He quickly learned my style and my personality and matched the vendors that he knew would perform as he expected.”

“A perfect match.”

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"Oh, that definitely looks like a Julian Leaver Events wedding." is NOT something you'll likely hear someone say. In fact, most couples find and hire us for this very reason!

With us, the planning and designing journey begins- and ends- with your vision. We'll start by listening to you and drawing inspiration from your story. Then we'll dream with you and expertly guide you. But, at the end of the day- the vision and decisions will be yours.

Story-Driven Designers with Impeccable Taste

- David, Father of the Bride

“They have exquisite taste, calm demeanors and went way beyond what's expected to ensure a perfect wedding.”

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We'll collaborate, communicate and happily manage every vendor on your behalf—ensuring every single person involved in your wedding delivers the standard of excellence we require —and you expect.

We have spent over a decade building loyal partnerships with creatives and professionals across the globe. And we have direct experience in multiple facets of luxury events, so we know what to expect from each and every vendor partner.

World-Class Connections for your High-Class Standards

- Shannon Skloss, Photographer

“I wish I could say working with some other planners was always as easy and organized as working with JLE. ​​​​​​​ Your team always has their stuff together, and I'm so appreciative of that. Someone is always easy to find if we need anything (as vendors), the timeline is never a black hole, and ya'll are upbeat and on top of it.”

“Upbeat and on top of it.”

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As a Washington School of Protocol-trained expert, Julian will tell you that etiquette is about making others feel comfortable. This is why, as a company, we subscribe to the Platinum Rule of treating others as they would like to be treated.

And because we have each worked and lived internationally, we have a keen understanding of working with just about anyone.



We promise to treat your family, friends and creative team ​​​​​with kindness and respect
—no matter what.

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After a combined 30+ years in event planning and luxury hospitality, not only can we see the end goal
but we know the path through.

And together, we’d love to walk that path with you

We're Julian Leaver Events