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Planning a wedding is a lot like taking on a new adventure. Whether it’s deep-sea diving, white water rafting, or trekking up a mountain, we don’t just jump in, wing it, and hope and pray for the best! Instead we:

  • Open our minds to the possibilities.
  • Plan, prepare, and chart a course.
  • And finally, we make the journey.

Throughout said adventure, there may be ups and downs and obstacles and challenges. But! There will also be insight, laughter, lessons, and fun.

Ultimately, we’ll end the journey at our destination. And we’ll look back in awe and think,

“It was all worth it.”

Like a challenging and unknown adventure, wedding planning can bring on feelings of uncertainty and confusion. And without the proper guidance, it’s easy to find yourself anxious and overwhelmed from the start.

As you begin this new experience, I’d love for you to consider me your trailblazer, your sidekick, and your trusted guide. Because over the last 16 years, I’ve not only traveled this road a few hundred times, but I’ve successfully reached the final destination with couples just like you. Couples who happily looked back and said, “Not only was it worth it, but we’d do it all again!” And I hope for the same outcome for you.

So, today, I’m sharing some insight with you and breaking down what it’s like to put your trust in me during such an important and special time in your life. And I’m giving you a sneak peek at my approach, the experience I provide, and some perspective from past clients I have had the pleasure of guiding on this wedding planning adventure.

Let’s get started!

What it’s Like to Work With JLE


As humans, we naturally like to get lost in the future. We want to rush from where we are to where we want to be. And how much more so when we’re planning a wedding? All the good stuff is happening over there – in the future. We see old friends and family, toasting to love and dancing the night away.

Over here, it’s not so bad, but there’s so much to do to get to the other side. So, unfortunately, we rarely allow ourselves the space to be in this moment.

But this moment is beautiful. And it deserves its due diligence. This is why I encourage all my couples to let go of planning (for just a second) and explore the possibilities. Take time to envision what you want the end to look and feel like. Write it down, make Pinterest boards, think through any potential destinations like Aspen or San Miguel, and make a note of what inspires you.

But remember, this first step isn’t about making decisions or acting on them. This step is about your vision.


What you really want is a gorgeous, thoughtful gathering of your nearest and dearest. And to give your guests an experience to remember as a thank you for coming together to celebrate you!

What you don’t want? A wedding that looks like everyone else’s. And I’m always up for the challenge of making sure that’s what you get.

I like people and situations that push the limits – that challenge me to look at the world differently or a situation differently. It’s one of the things I love most about events. No two events are alike – and even if they’re similar, I challenge myself to make them appear totally different.

So, once you’ve given yourself space and time to explore your vision, you and I can meet up for a coffee or tea and discuss those dreams of yours. I’ll look over your Pinterest boards and go through each image to understand what you like about each one. And once we’ve gone over the broad strokes of your vision and filled in the details, I design a plan that’s tailored to you.

This custom plan will deep dive into your design and style and ensure we honor your families and traditions and create something beautiful, new, and completely tailored to you.


In the beginning, you may be overwhelmed by the options (or lack thereof) and irritated by the sheer number of choices you need to make. I’ll not only help you narrow down those choices, but I will provide resources and recommendations of some of the very best in the business to help you execute them.

I have spent over a decade building incredibly loyal partnerships – people I can really trust to deliver results to my clients. To bring their vision to life. For your event, we will align with the right vendors to get us where we need to go.

You’ll often hear me say, “And then, we’ll go from there.” That’s because I believe in manageable decision-making – in benchmarks. I make everything very digestable. Measured. One step at a time. And I’m never going to ask you to do more in a meeting than needs to be done.

As a kid, I obsessed over mazes. I wasn’t the kind that started at the end. No, I’ve always been able to see far down the road. I’ve always been able to picture every twist and turn – to see the clarity through the chaos. And now, I get to do that with events. I know exactly what needs to happen and when to see that you make it down the aisle with a smile on your face.


Many people sell “the day,” but I want you to focus on the idea of peace through the process.  This is why I focus more on the steps…making sure those are right…and the party will naturally be amazing. Because the end result (the wedding day) is somewhat of a foregone conclusion if you’re making good decisions along the way.

And because I subscribe to the Platinum Rule of treat others as THEY would like to be treated. I’ll meet you wherever you are on this planning journey, and we’ll walk this path together to get you where you want to go. Without judgment and with discretion.



From the start, Hillary knew that she wanted to hire me as her wedding planner. She wanted someone who knew the wedding industry inside and out and someone who would really listen to her wants.

Although Hillary had no doubts about putting her complete trust in me, I didn’t rest on my laurels. From the moment we met, I made her feel like my only client. And I got right into digging into the details.

First, Hillary and Clay did not want the look of a typical Dallas Jewish wedding. And second, there would end up being two events because of the unexpected global pandemic – a mini 10-person event in May 2020 and a final large celebration in December of 2021. Hillary’s mom was particularly concerned about the first event and what would happen if it rained. How quickly could everything be moved indoors? She also had concerns about whether or not her daughter would even feel up to having a second celebration since the groom’s family experienced a deep loss during their engagement.

This is when I become more than a wedding planner. I become a calming presence and a rock to my couples and their families. Because life inevitably happens, and it’s not always easy.

There were a lot of ups and downs, but I paved a smooth path for Hillary and her family over 18 months versus the original six that we had planned for.

“Our party was everything we ever wanted and more! Julian and his team blew us away! And everything seemed flawless!”-Hillary


One of Taylor’s biggest concerns when planning her wedding was that she wanted her guests to have a unique experience. Most were traveling from out of town and unfamiliar with the Dallas area. And she wanted them to be able to relax and enjoy the weekend as much as she would.

As someone who hadn’t been to many weddings and the first in her friend group to get married, Taylor had little to no experience with the wedding world and wasn’t sure what she wanted. She was also finishing her undergraduate program and had practically no time to devote to wedding planning. She knew she needed someone to step in and take over most of the process. Someone with plenty of industry knowledge and experience.

After calling some references and hearing positive reviews and feedback about me, the couple knew they had found their planner.

One of the first things I did was help Taylor clarify her wedding vision. I was patient with her as she figured out what she truly wanted. And I helped her translate her vision in ways she hadn’t thought about before.

Also, knowing Taylor had a lot going on in her personal life (college and a move), I did my best to make the planning process a joyful and stress-free experience. I told Taylor she could always reach out to me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns. No matter how big or small, she was always welcome to email, text, or call me anytime.

Many decisions and phone calls later, Taylor and Christopher had the wedding they had dreamed of from the beginning. One where they and their guests could relax and fully enjoy the celebration.

“Julian will become your biggest fan, and his team will support you in ways you didn’t know you needed supporting on your big day. I was overwhelmed with the outpour of love his team showed me.” – Taylor

Whatever your needs, concerns and dreams are for your own wedding planning journey,
you don’t have to navigate them alone.

I’d be honored to walk with you. And guide you through the process.

Reach out, and let’s meet for that coffee or tea.

Thanks for reading, friend.

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