Although the future is uncertain, it’s okay to still love LOVE.


If you’re newly engaged and feeling a deep sense of disappointment (or even despair) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I want you to know that I understand.

Like everyone else in the event industry, I’m working around the clock to assist my clients in any and every way I can during this time.
It’s an absolute fact that the world is upside down right now.

But that doesn’t mean your entire wedding planning process has to be put on hold—unless, of course, you want it to. 


Although the future is uncertain, it’s okay to still love love.

To continue dreaming. To hold on to hope and look joyfully toward what’s still to come. 

Give yourself full permission to grieve the loss of the engagement and wedding planning experience you thought you were going to have. Then, when you’re ready, let’s dream together.

Because I (still) see a world of possibilities for you. 

On that note…

What can you be doing right now to stay on-track and inspired? I’ve got a few suggestions.


Start by exploring your wedding day vision

If you’re going to be shut in at home for the next few weeks to observe social distancing or quarantine, you may as well make the most of all the down time by familiarizing yourself with these 5 essential wedding planning steps. Steps 1 and 2—Exploration and Incubation—are particularly important. Here’s a quick overview of what each step involves:

Step 1 | Exploration: Exploration is all about dreaming—not taking action. Instead of panic-booking vendors, take a deep dive into the pool of inspiration. Or, perhaps more accurately, pin-spiration. Collect images of color palettes, artwork, floral arrangements, tablescapes, textiles, stationery, and travel destinations that resonate with you and feel reflective of your love story. After gathering your inspirations, it’s time to enter into…

Step 2 | Incubation: Consider this the “hurry up and wait” phase of the wedding planning process. Incubation involves intentionally setting aside brainstorming in order to sit with the inspirations you’ve gathered so far. When you revisit your Pinterest board after taking a beat, you’ll find that you’re able to consider each choice with fresh eyes. After a week has passed, it’s time for a Pinterest audit. Taking the time to not only collect, but truly curate your inspirations will serve you well when you’re finally able to meet with a wedding planner in person.



Keep your momentum going by scheduling phone calls with potential vendors

Social distancing should really be called physical distancing. Although in-person meetings are off the table for now, your potential wedding vendors are just a phone call or video conference away. The best news? We would love to hear from you during this time. In no way, shape, or form will your inquiry be considered an imposition. Just the opposite! We WANT to hear your story and remember what it is that we love about our jobs. As a wedding planner, there’s nothing I love more than helping people. So please, don’t feel timid or ashamed to reach out during this time. Now that most COVID-19 -induced postponements and cancellations have been squared away, we’re more available than ever before to provide you with information and join you in dreaming about a much brighter future. 


Book the Fab Five: Wedding planner, venue, entertainment, photographer, videographer

Love the wedding vendors you met with…albeit virtually? Go ahead and book them! Start with the top five most important vendors: your wedding planner, venue, entertainment, photographer, and videographer. Again, due to postponements and cancellations, spring of 2021 dates are likely to fill rapidly. Securing your vendors now ensures that you don’t have to wait a moment longer than necessary to say “I do.” Before signing on the dotted line, make sure that each vendor clause includes language that clearly identifies their postponement policy in the event of a pandemic resurgence. Here’s an example:


“In the case of resurgence of COVID-19, or pandemic of equal or greater societal and economic impact with regards to limited travel and large-gathering restrictions, [PURCHASER] may postpone the Date of [EVENT] without financial penalty. The resulting and mutually agreed upon date on which the rescheduled [EVENT] shall take place must be within [X] months of the Date of Performance.” 


Friend, we’re living under unprecedented circumstances. The good news? We’re all navigating this thing together. If there’s anything at all I can do to assist you—a question that can be answered, a concern that can be addressed, or just a word of encouragement that can be given—please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I would truly consider it an honor to journey with you through the wedding planning process during this time. 

To learn more about Julian Leaver Events’ COVID-19 policy, please click here

Thanks for reading, friend.

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