Timeless Elements that Tell Your Story

What makes a wedding timeless? We hear words like classic and timeless all the time, but what do couples really mean when they say they want their wedding to reflect these adjectives?

When something is described as timeless, it means it spans the ages. It’s like a classic black sweater or a Cartier watch. Timeless describes things that never seem to go out of style. 

But does that mean you must wear a tux or keep your décor traditional to have a timeless wedding? Absolutely not, friend! Because there’s only one element that makes it truly timeless. 

Your story.

Your wedding day isn’t about the pomp and circumstance. Sure, it’s fun to put on a party and wow your guests in the process. But your wedding is really about you and your partner. It’s about two people finding each other, falling in love, and saying, “I do.”

Your love story is the detail that makes the difference. And here are some ideas on how you can bring more of your story into your celebration.

Elements From Your Story 

One of the first things we do when we talk with couples about the wedding planning process is to stop them from telling us about their day-of details right out of the gate. It’s not that we don’t want to hear every little detail. It’s that we want to know their story first. It’s the #1 most important thing for us, and we’ll reference it repeatedly throughout the process. 

When it comes to your own story, think about how you can incorporate the story of your relationship into your event. Maybe you met during college, so you bring in elements from your alma mater. The marching band could play during the reception, or the mascot might make an appearance during cocktail hour.

Even a small detail, like your school’s emblem displayed on a cocktail napkin, can bring your story to life.

Personalized Music

Music sets the tone for your wedding and provides a great opportunity for personalization. Think about music that’s important to both of you and that ties you together. Maybe it’s specific to your cultures or songs you’ve shared with friends. 

The thing about choosing music that’s meaningful is that it can be an immersive experience for everyone. When you pull music from your story, and it resonates with the people you’ve chosen to celebrate with, it can bring a feeling of connection. 

And what better kind of entertainment to have than music that brings people together?


Along the lines of personalized music is dancing. Dance is a global language, and nearly every wedding has some form of dancing, no matter the cultures or traditions involved – whether in Aspen, Cabo, or Positano.

Use the dance floor to help tell your story. Your first dance might be a fun choreographed number, or you might use the time to highlight a specific kind of dance form unique to your partner’s culture.

Maybe you met at a flash mob and decide to have your own wedding version. Or maybe you book professional dancers (aerialists, ballet dancers, Bollywood performers, etc.) to entertain your guests.

There are so many ways to weave your story into music and dancing and make it an exciting experience for everyone.  

Personal Vows

The vow exchange is one of the most personal moments of the wedding day. And how much more personal is writing your own vows? 

No matter what tradition you’re coming from (even if you can’t recite them during the wedding), you can still find ways to exchange your personally written vows during a first look or a gift exchange.

There’s something about dedicating time to thinking about what you love about your partner, the moments that have brought you to this place, and the promises you want to make to them forever. But don’t only think about them – write them down and eventually share them with your fiancé.

It’s a personal moment and a personal promise. 

Thoughtful Touches

Little details can make a big difference in creating a timeless wedding. Because while including a few trending items is okay, personalized touches that help tell your story will hold so much more meaning.

These meaningful story details can be incorporated onto napkins, programs, and menus. For example, we’ve seen couples use a gold embossed bee design in their day-of details to symbolize that they met on Bumble.

If you do something similar, it doesn’t have to be the actual logo! In fact, we’d recommend against that! Instead, perhaps you can come up with your own design or ask your stationery designer for their spin on it. No matter what, have fun and get creative with your personal elements. They’re personal!

The big takeaway here – as long as your main focus is your love story, your wedding will already be headed in the right direction. 

And, of course, we’re here to help guide you further down the wedding planning path. From dreaming to putting ideas into action, we’ll ensure your story gets told in timeless style.

Thanks for reading, friend.

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