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“Oh, that definitely looks like a Julian Leaver wedding”.  This is not something you’ll likely hear someone say.And most couples find and hire me for this very reason.  Because they don’t want their wedding to fit into a wedding planner’s mold. Instead, they want something personal, and unique. And a wedding that represents them!   At […]

The Julian Leaver Design Strategy: How We Define Your Design Vision

Wedding Planning

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Planning a wedding is a lot like taking on a new adventure. Whether it’s deep-sea diving, white water rafting, or trekking up a mountain, we don’t just jump in, wing it, and hope and pray for the best! Instead we: Open our minds to the possibilities. Plan, prepare, and chart a course. And finally, we […]

What it’s Like to Work With Julian Leaver Events

Wedding Planning

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You’re engaged (congratulations!), you’ve acquired your dream dress, and maybe you’ve even unearthed the perfect venue. But now you’re beginning to think about all the other details: guest count, invitations, wedding protocols, proper etiquette…           How should I order my ceremony?           What kind of invitation should I send?           Should I be concerned about […]

How to Make Modern Etiquette Work For You

Wedding Planning

Photography by Samuel Lippke

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Finding the perfect venue is a foundational step in your wedding planning journey. Chances are, a million little details are racing through your mind right now–everything from selecting the quintessential color palette to determining your guest count. Your mind is being bombarded with question after question. On top of many other things, you want to […]

Should You Plan a Tent or Ballroom Wedding? 4 Questions to Help You Decide!

Tented Weddings, Wedding Planning

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Is it just us or did 2021 fly by? It’s no secret that the event industry has endured difficult times over the last two years due to the pandemic and corresponding shipping delays, labor cost increases, and staffing shortages. The arrival of 2022 has certainly been welcome, and we are anticipating an exciting season full […]

The True Cost of Planning a Wedding in 2022 (and Beyond)

Wedding Planning

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In many states across the US as well as in countries worldwide, the availability of vaccines and other treatments has contributed to an ease in social distancing measures, mask mandates, and travel restrictions. At long last, a semblance of normalcy has been restored. However, in the wedding and event industry, we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner Now More Than Ever Before

Wedding Planning, Weddings

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If you’re newly engaged, the task of planning your luxury wedding can be a lot. Let me guide you through what to expect on the journey ahead.

Navigating The Wedding Planning Journey

Tented Weddings, Wedding Planning

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