Everything Before “I Do” Post Roundup


As you may now know, I’m a married man! 

After nearly two decades of planning other couples’ weddings, I decided to plan my own. And what a journey it has been. Even as a professional, the experience of planning on the other side of the aisle has taught me things I would never have imagined. 

I’m honored to have an even deeper understanding of the process. And I’m thankful I’ve been able to share my journey through D Weddings. Over the past year, I’ve written articles for the D Weddings blog, giving readers a glimpse into what it’s like being a planner planning his own wedding. I also offer guidance for those walking their wedding planning path.

There are nine articles, each with a different theme, all of which you can find links to right here!

Everything Before “I Do”

Part 1: Planner-Turned-Groom Julian Leaver on His Engagement, Setting a Wedding Date, and Choosing a Location

Part 2: Choosing a Photographer and Videographer

Part 3: Music and Entertainment

Part 4: Selecting Your Stationery

Part 5: Attire & Registry

Part 6: Wedding Planner and Groom Julian Leaver Dishes on Catering & Cake

Part 7: Wedding Planner and Groom Julian Leaver Talks Decor and Design

Part 8: Planner-Turned-Groom Julian Leaver on the Rehearsal Dinner

Part 9: Lessons Learned

Thanks for reading, friend.

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