Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding From Afar

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Wedding Planning

Questions to Ask When Planning Your Wedding

Once you’re ready to bring a planner into your process, it’s essential to start by asking the right questions—including (and especially) during the inspiration-gathering phase. Otherwise, you run the risk of landing a poor match or mediocre mediator. Once you’ve clarified your dream, it’s time to bring it to life. I’ve put together a comprehensive list of questions you should ask your potential wedding planner and yourself to help you accomplish just that.

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Wedding Planning

5 Things Great Weddings Get Right

In my 15 years in this industry, I’ve seen some good weddings—but I’ve also seen some great weddings. I’ve spent time studying the latter, element by element, to see what went right. As it turns out, the difference between “good” and “great” has less to do with the height of the floral arrangements or the color of the table linens, and much more to do with the preparation that takes place before the wedding.

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