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Tips for Planning Your Destination Wedding From Afar

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In need of wedding planning resources? Look no further.

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Planning a wedding is a lot like taking on a new adventure. Whether it’s deep-sea diving, white water rafting, or trekking up a mountain, we don’t just jump in, wing it, and hope and pray for the best! Instead we: Open our minds to the possibilities. Plan, prepare, and chart a course. And finally, we […]

What it’s Like to Work With Julian Leaver Events

Wedding Planning

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You’re engaged (congratulations!), you’ve acquired your dream dress, and maybe you’ve even unearthed the perfect venue. But now you’re beginning to think about all the other details: guest count, invitations, wedding protocols, proper etiquette…           How should I order my ceremony?           What kind of invitation should I send?           Should I be concerned about […]

How to Make Modern Etiquette Work For You

Wedding Planning

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In many states across the US as well as in countries worldwide, the availability of vaccines and other treatments has contributed to an ease in social distancing measures, mask mandates, and travel restrictions. At long last, a semblance of normalcy has been restored. However, in the wedding and event industry, we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Planner Now More Than Ever Before

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“Julian is a true professional, and it shows from the amazing relationships he has established in the industry. He is there to give his honest opinion when you need to hear it, which I really appreciated. He made me feel great and completely in control of the planning process.”

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