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Riley & Martina

Riley & Martina

Your Details

Desired Wedding Date: January 29, 2022
Ceremony Location: St. Rita’s Catholic Church
Reception Location: Hotel Crescent Court

Setting the Scene

Martina & Riley are engaged and excited for their wedding, January 29th, 2022! You have gotten the venue booked and have a clear vision for a classic wedding ceremony at the beautiful St. Rita’s Catholic Church, with a reception following at the Hotel Crescent Court. You are expecting about 200 guests and are hoping to send Save the Dates out to family and friends very soon. You’re confident getting the big pieces booked but would like some sound advice on great vendors and definitely someone to pull everything together in the final weeks before the big day allowing you to really enjoy the celebration.

Your vision of a ceremony that is understated and elegant, followed by a reception that brings a memorable and unique vibe (i.e. stations-style menu for an interactive element) that will allow for all of your guests to be together, mix, mingle, and really bond over this shared experience. It is incredibly important that you find a planner who can assist you in navigating all of the choices that are available, while also helping execute your personal intimate entertaining style.

While you both lean toward an aesthetic that is more classic and traditional, Riley and Martina, you really believe in an understated less is more type of atmosphere that truly reflects you as a couple and will allow for a relaxed vibe in an elevated atmosphere. You’ve selected a classic black and white color palette for the day, with beautiful white floral and plenty of candlelight. The music is also an important element of the evening making sure that you have a DJ that can play music that you both love and some Argentinian music especially for Martina and some of her guests!

While you’ve booked some very important elements of the wedding, you’re looking to complete planning well without adding unnecessary stress, or making anything “over-the-top”. Riley and Martina have amazing family support with Frances ready to help with the leg work and research, and need a partner to help with sound recommendations knowing the vision for the day! I would love to assist you in this process, planning a memorable celebration for Riley and Martina!

“In a time of chaos, wonderment & being completely overwhelmed, Julian’s team stepped in and gave us so much ease in our lives. That was a priceless gift.”

— Becky, Legacy Client

Your Personalized Wedding Options

Option 1

Full-Service Event Planning & Coordination

Option 1 Detailed Description

Flat Rate – Sarah:

*Our gold standard and starting point for planning and execution, this is our comprehensive planning, production, and design package for an unforgettable wedding weekend

Option 2

Partial Event Planning & Coordination

Option 2 Detailed Description

Flat Rate – Sarah: $9,595

*With this option, partial planning is added to execution and it will begin right away. Our team will pick up where you have left off and tie everything together in a perfect bow!

Option 3

Month-of Event Planning & Coordination

Option 3 Detailed Description

Flat Rate – Sarah: $7,595

*Our starting point for execution, this is our comprehensive execution package that begins 8 weeks prior to your date for an unforgettable wedding weekend. This option is not available with a tented wedding

Are you ready for some wedding planning transparency?


We look forward to executing the wedding planning option you select together to create a stress-free wedding that reflects you as a couple. We will:

  • Define and construct a budget with reasonable parameters to achieve your vision

  • Deep dive into your design inspirations (e.g., art, culture, architecture, etc.), which will create the foundation for an event that represents you both

  • Encourage and facilitate a conversation among relevant stakeholders to ensure everyone has been heard

  • Assist in incorporating both of your past histories into your future together

  • Provide communication tools and techniques to allow you to navigate the world of weddings

Reception Inspiration

Reception Inspiration

Ceremony Inspiration

Ceremony Inspiration

Our Promises

  • We promise you’ll enjoy the planning and the wedding day.

  • We promise that you’ll always know where you stand – with the process, with the budget, and with the checklist.

  • We promise that you will never have to seek me out – I will always be available to assist throughout the process.

  • We promise to listen to your vision and ideas and together create a wedding that looks & feels like you.

  • We promise to never leave you alone on the wedding day. Someone will always be with you to assist with any need or issue that may arise.

  • We promise that there is no logistical challenge that I’m not up for – no problem that I cannot figure out some way to solve. And I’ll solve it – often before you are even aware of it.

  • We promise to use discretion in design, in spending and in the sharing of your information.

  • We promise to provide guidance and direction in protocol & etiquette to ensure that you are the best host possible for your guests.


Our Client Code

  • Flat fee structure: We provide clarity on exactly where we fit into your budget

  • Vendor transparency: We find the perfect retailers for you to work with and pay directly

  • Online portal access: We provide a platform for you to monitor and view your wedding progress in real-time

  • Passed-through savings: We provide you with savings, where applicable, utilizing our long-term industry relationships

  • Experience that matters: We provide you with over 15 years of personal experience navigating the world of weddings including stints in catering, floral, rentals and planning to guide you through the wedding maze

Reception Inspiration

Reception Inspiration

Measures of Success

  • Peace of mind in planning from afar

  • Confidence in your vendor selections from years of past experience

  • Roadmap for an engagement with peaceful and attainable benchmarks

  • Guest and family-focused wedding weekend with options for every demographic and price point

  • Clear direction on communicating decisions effectively to your immediate family and friends

  • Attainable goal of ensuring your guests are relaxed, well taken care of and comfortable throughout the wedding weekend



“I have been in a handful of weddings and truly have not seen one wedding planner be as organized and efficient as Julian Leaver Events. We will forever be thanking them for their time, talent, and infectious energy for making our wedding the most perfect weekend.”

— Kasey, Bride

Kasey & Nash, Dallas, Texas – Rosewood Mansion

Maisie & John – Dallas, Texas – The Nasher Sculpture Center


“No matter how many times someone says, “live in the moment” and “enjoy every moment” I think that might be impossible. The celebration flies by and is so incredibly magical but with Julian’s team the planning is just as rewarding and fun as the celebration.”

— Maisie, Bride

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