Decision-Making Roadmap

Decision-Making Roadmap


How do you make decisions?

In our initial consultation and throughout the booking process we have talked a lot about decision-making.

Don’t forget…

There are over 3,000 micro decisions to be made.

To kick off that process I have created a survey for each of you to take below. This will help me and help you find our way back into the process easily if we hit a bump or get a little off the beaten path.

This survey will act as our decision-making roadmap moving forward.

I can’t wait to get started!

Amarillo, Texas - Samuel Lippke Studios

Amarillo, Texas – Samuel Lippke Studios


This is an informal survey to look at one’s approach to making decisions. There are no right or wrong answers. As you think about how you make decisions, one or more of the categories will sound “right.” Please select the option that sounds the most “right” to you.

Please don’t skip any items. 



A. Thinking about the decision, examining it from different perspectives, analyzing the alternatives, and selecting the most logical solution.

B. Looking beyond the facts to the broader picture, trusting my intuition in deciding what needs to be done.

C. “Getting in the middle of the decision,” finding out how I and others feel, and choosing an alternative that feels right and will be acceptable.

D. Taking one step at a time, relying on my past experience to guide me, and choosing an alternative which is pragmatic and down to earth.

A. Flexibility.

B. Thorough analysis.

C. Diplomacy.

D. Decisiveness.

A. So involved in the details that I lose sight of the big picture.

B. Carried away with new ideas to the extent that I ignore the immediate details.

C. So involved in analyzing the decision that I fail to recognize

interpersonal needs, my own and those of others.

D. So enmeshed in my feelings, I may fail to think things through thoroughly.

A. Imaginative people.

B. Realistic people.

C. Intellectual people.

D. Friendly people.

A. Logic.

B. Feelings.

C. Possibilities.

D. Actions.

A. Quick.

B. Analytical.

C. Imaginative.

D. Emotional.


Disclaimer: This survey is inspired by a survey created by The Georgia Department of Education, Kathy Cox, State Superintendent of Schools, and is being used as an internal measurement only and is not intended to be a duplicate or replacement for the original survey.

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